French Haircutting at Barberia

Want a new look designed specifically for you?  Barberia is seeking models for a workshop in French Haircutting hosted by one of the top salons in the country!

What is a French haircut?

French haircutting is a revolutionary technique that uses the hair to frame a face taking into account the shape of the head. French haircutting uses the hair to accentuate features rather than cover them up.

The results are a soft, feminine and commercial looks, much like celebrities on the cover of magazines.

The French trained stylist stands the client up during the haircut in order to look directly at that which he or she cuts, just as a painter would look directly at a canvas. The style is built from the top down and is made to fall perfectly into place like shingles on a roof. Our French haircuts result in wash and wear hair containing several different looks in each style.

We are seeking short, medium and long hair models who want a change, not a trim!  Models will be assigned day and time as per workshop requirements.

To apply:

Please email three head shots; one of the front of your head, one of the side of your head and one of the back of your head plus phone and email contact information to: barberiasalon [at]

Models selected will be contacted.

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