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Complete Consultation – A thorough discussion between you and one of our highly trained & experienced stylists to achieve your healthiest, best looking, easiest to manage style and color.  Each consultation includes:

  • Facial feature analysis: hairdressing is a lot about shape and geometry; a perfect hair style is designed to balance and bring perspective to a person’s best features. Creating a great hairstyle is all about minimizing unbalanced features while promoting those that are complementary, in order to bring out an individual’s natural appeal and beauty.  This is achieved by creating an overall look through the right color, cut & texture based on facial features.

  • A thorough analysis of your hair’s color, texture, density and condition is performed to ensure that the hairstyle chosen will work with your hair’s natural attributes.

  • Lifestyle: it is key to understand how you move throughout your day, the requirements of your work & play, as your lifestyle will dictate how you maintain your look.


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