Private Lessons

We offer in-person, private lessons to help you learn the best way to manage and apply your makeup along with various “bootcamp” trainings covering different products, techniques, and equipment:


A 1-hour personalized lesson on how to use your blowdryer, styling products,
and techniques to best style your hair.


Blowdry Bootcamp $63

Matte? Dewy? Natural? Dramatic? Don’t let the latest make-up trends steer you wrong.

Our professional make-up artist will create a customized, flattering look based on your facial features & lifestyle! Rather than just demonstrate, we will teach you the techniques needed so you can achieve your look on your own. After your one-on-one session with our professional make-up artist, you will be armed with the skills needed to recreate your look on your own!


Private Makeup Lesson $84
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