Technology has come a long way, and unlike treatments of the past, our retexturizing services have the ability to deliver sexy, fashion-forward texture without sacrificing the health of your hair. From soft, bouncy curls to sleek straight strands, you can finally find out if the grass is really greener, without forfeiting healthy hair. All services are a la carte. To add color, cut or styling, please request at time of scheduling. 

 Rates effective as of 3/25/2014

partial perm To add volume at the top or even out wave pattern where needed $68 & up
full perm All over volume, bounce and body $110 & up
perm removal $54 & up
traditional relaxer $95 & up
thermal reconditioning  Hair becomes sleek and straight, and stays that way, even after showering. No flat iron required! A permanent solution that doesn’t wash or fade away. Upkeep requires root touch ups. Also known as Japanese Straightening. consultation
smoothing keratin treatment Smoothes & seals while reducing curl & frizz. Contains natural keratin protein which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. Includes full size shampoo, conditioner and masque to take home a $75 Value! Want to learn more about Smoothing Keratin Treatments? Click here!
$315 & up
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Retexturizing, 5.6 out of 10 based on 15 ratings