Each conditioning treatment is designed to infuse moisture and protein to smooth, strengthen & shine all hair types. All treatments provide the same benefits, at varying levels of intensity and duration.  Add one on to your other services, or enjoy a la carte.Rates Effective as of 3/25/2014
Biophil is pH Balanced 2.6 & designed to bring hair back to its natural state, supplying it with the substances it loses during chemical treatments.  Biophil utilizes organic products and amino acids that have an immediate effect.  All chemical hair treatments (permanents, removal of coloring, dyeing and straightening ) raise the PH level, tending to alter the normal acidity of the hair and skin and quickly resulting in imbalances to the life of the hair itself. Biophil restores pH balance to hair by closing the cuticle and color is sealed in for longer lasting results.  This five minute treatment will produce shiny, healthier hair and help maintain color. Good for all hair types. Also good for balancing scalp conditions.
Biominoil (Biological, Minerals and Natural Oils) contains the oils of seaweed, sea kelp, jojoba, wheat, rice and the minerals, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium that re-condition and strengthen dry or damaged hair. Mineral salt oil deposits vitamins and proteins INSTANTLY replacing lost moisture and restoring hair to a natural healthy condition.  This 20 minute service includes a take home daily conditioner and is good for all hair types.
dream repair
Instant gratification and improved results with the first service! Does your hair make a “crunch” noise when you grab it? If so, you need Barberia’s Dream Repair treatment. It repairs the damaged areas of the inner keratin fibers while smoothing the surface of the hair .  Elasticity, shine, frizz control, and detangling come along with intensive repair. This forty-five minute rejuvenating treatment is designed to last several weeks. Designed for thick, dry hair.
Made with natural extracts to internally and externally nourish the hair with vital nutrients and proteins. Contains highly refined ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Soy Bean extracts, just to name a few, to help fortify the cuticles for a smooth and soft texture without weighing the hair down.

Check out the revolutionary split end repair treatment & reverse damage, repair split ends, and grow your hair longer! Only $25 with a haircut or blowdry. Click here for details.

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