Red Hair: How to wear & maintain

February 28, 2013


Red Hair: How to wear & maintain one of 2013’s hottest hair trends

Redheads are red hot this year!  Many celebs are rocking this look — whether they are enhancing their natural fiery color, deepening  with dark reds or going bold and bright. The great thing about the red trend is that the shade/ intensity can be customized to anyone’s skin tone & hair style.


Want to go red? Here’s what you need to know.

Becoming a redhead takes commitment. It’s easy for red pigments to quickly fade & show damage, so proper maintenance is essential. Are you ready? Check out these maintenance musts to avoid fading and damage:

  • Use a color depositing shampoo w/ a low pH level. Shampoos that are specifically formulated for red hues deposit red pigments into the hair, helping it last longer. A low pH shampoo will not disrupt the cuticle and help keep color sealed in longer.
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  • Wash less. Try dry shampoo to keep fresh between washes.
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  • Keep touch ups on the regular and consider a color gloss in between color services.
  • Use a leave-in sunscreen every day, and  wear a hat while in extended sun exposure.
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  • Always, ALWAYS protect your hair before heat styling. This goes for any shade, but since red hair is prone to fading, a heat protectant will help prolong vibrancy.
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Also consider… do your eyebrows match? When going red, consider your brow color – while you won’t really “match” your brow color to red hair color, lightening or darkening a few shades is necessary when making a bold change.

Get inspired & go red!


Barberia specializes in hair color & has expert techniques for creating vibrant, shimmering reds in all hues. We have also perfected an advanced process of safely removing red from hair to return it to natural, as well as change to blonde or brunette. Are you ready for red?
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