The Top Knot in 5 Steps

March 12, 2013


The Top Knot in 5 Steps

As the temperature warms up the top-knot is the must have hairstyle of the season. It’s the perfect hairstyle to get your hair up and off your shoulders in an effortlessly chic, practical, and an extremely easy way. It’s also a hairstyle that can be styled casually for a day running errands, or more polished for a day at the office. Here we show you how to do a casual top-knot in five easy steps.

Step One: Start with your hair running down your back and make sure to brush it to remove any knots for easy styling.


Step Two: Gather your hair into a high ponytail.


Step Three: Begin to twist the ponytail to help create the base of the Top-Knot.


Step Four: Twist your hair around your hand and pony tail base creating a bun.


Step Five: Finish by taking the ends of the pony tail  and pinning it in with a bobby pin. Be sure to also pin any fly aways your may have into your bun.


Et Voilà!
You now have a chic and beautiful top knot.