Blonde Trends for Summer

May 31, 2013


Blonde Trends for Summer

If your idea of blonde is nondescript, one-dimensional platinum, you’ve got another thing coming! Celebrity blonde trends equal new ways to liven up your look with summer ready updates.  Here, expert hair colorist Terry DeMarco shares tips for making the most of your blonde tresses this summer.

Terry says blondes will fit into one of three categories this season—Blushing Blonde, Vanilla Vamp and Caramel Delight. 


Is it for you:
Warm and sophisticated; great if you love switching from dark to light color regularly
As seen on: Jennifer Lawrence
How to get it: Your Barberia colorist will create a base color and then use the Balayage technique to apply a caramel tone and process, then add more balayage for a subtle strawberry shade.


Is it for you?
This delicate and cool tone works well for blondes who want to take brightening up to the next step. This look requires regular maintenance to keep locks uniform from root to end.
As seen on: January Jones
How to get it: If you are already blonde, your Barberia colorist will create a base and then place in two different types of highlights to keep the color dimensional and radiant. The look is completed with a toner to get that perfect vanilla hue. Upkeep will require monthly toners and highlights every 6 weeks.


Is it for you?
 Dimensional and refined, this is a great option for transitioning from brunette to blonde.
As seen on: Scarlet Johansson
How to get it: Your Barberia colorist will start by “breaking your base” to lighten your hair overall, then highlight and tone to caramel.



Protect your blonde investment! “Regular upkeep requires consistent salon touch ups” Says Terry.  At home TLC is essential as well: “summer blondes require extra gentle cleansing and deep conditioning,” he advises.  Blondes will preserve hair health and extend color by using a  shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for blonde hair, like Barberia’s True Hue Anti-Fading Shampoo. “Another must is a deep conditioner at least once a week,” Terry says. One to try: Barberia’s Indulge Masque, with super moisturizing of avocado and noniberry.” For a chic way to protect delicate blonde color, try a hat or scarf when sunbathing!