Color Correction Case Study #1

September 11, 2013


Color Correction Case Study #1


Name: Meg

Occupation: Fish monger

Problem: Layers of color over the last couple of years had faded and extensive outgrowth

Desired Result: A blended blonde with dimension, healthier hair


Why don’t you give us the history of your hair over the last few years?

Megan: A little over two years ago, I went platinum blonde. I liked it for a little bit, but then decided it was time for a change and went bright red.

Wow! That was a big change. How did that work out?

Megan: Yeah, I like being adventurous with my hair. The bright red looked really cool but it was hard to maintain because it faded quickly and I needed to get it touched up often, which I didn’t really have time to do. It was fun while it lasted.

So you just decided to let it grow out?

Megan: Pretty much. I didn’t really know what else I could do because I didn’t want to go platinum again and I thought if I just let it grow out to my natural color I could cut off the color as it grew out.

So what brought you Barberia?

Megan: I heard from my sister that you were doing these color correction case studies. My hair had been growing out for almost two years and was like 4 different colors, and I wanted to be blonde again, but a more natural, blended color.

Now your look is a more natural honey blonde with some darker lowlights… what do you think?

Megan: This is the happiest I have ever been with my hair! I love it!

Great! We are glad to hear.

Megan’s color correction details:


Megan came in with three distinct sections of color: at the top, the outgrowth of her natural brown, in the middle layers of red over platinum blonde that had different degrees of fadage which included shades of hot pink, light pink and orange. At the ends, there were some blonde sections mixed in with the faded orange.  This color was making her skin tone appear sallow and not highlighting her best features.

How we fixed it:


Mimi performed two color washes and then a full head highlight with lowlights. This process took approximately 5 hours! To restore & repair her hair, Megan had a Dream Repair intensive conditioning treatment, followed by a cut and flat iron to get her final look.  The result is a natural blonde with shades of honey & butter with caramel lowlights for dimension. Her complexion is warmer, brighter and her beautiful green eyes pop!