Color Correction Case Study #2

October 3, 2013


Color Correction Case Study #2


Name: Jen

Occupation: Stay at home mom of five/ writer & blogger — The Art of Making Lemonade

Problem: Botched home hair color. Color was uneven with very bright roots and dark ends

Desired Result: Vivid red evenly distributed

Jen’s story (in her own words!):

I was about to make a colossal error and didn’t have a clue.  So naïve.

I had entered a good, upbeat phase in my life.  All of my children had just entered school and I was at last getting some time to explore my own interests.  I was feeling happier and wanted to reflect that to the world.  I was ready for a change and I intuitively knew that red hair was just what I needed. I wanted bright, red hair.  Make no mistake, if I wasn’t going to be reflecting light, I wasn’t happy.

The only problem is I had dyed my hair dark previously in a haphazard way to cure some wayward grays.  And, to complicate matters my gray roots were already starting to show.

Full of enthusiasm, I ran off to my local drugstore to buy the best red hair dye they had to offer.  I hurried home, applied the dye and waited for my outward transformation.  I nearly trembled with anticipation.

When I looked in the mirror, I did tremble.  From my scalp to approximately three inches down my hair, I was red.  From there on, I was still a dark brunette.  This was not okay.  This was not what I wanted.

I’d like to say I handled the situation with grace, but the truth is I flipped out.  I stood in that bathroom for a long, long time, combing my hair all sorts of ways just to make it seem okay.  I finally reached my uninformed conclusion-It was time to go renegade.  Obviously, I just needed more red.  Clearly, that would solve the problem and make the darker hair comply!  Luckily, I had one more box stashed under my sink.  I went with it.

Oh, so wrong.

Results were even worse.  Brighter red on top and barely any red tinge further down my hair.

Realizing that I was out-witted by my own hair, I asked for help from my village (Facebook friends).  I was directed to Terry DeMarco’s Barberia. I felt I was beyond hope but was assured it would be okay.

From the moment I initiated contact, I received nothing but the best.  Everyone I encountered was warm, friendly and approachable.  I chilled out.

The thing is, I could bore you with all the details of how we came to this color but what I most want you to take away from this message is this: They gave me the time, space and encouragement to find the right shade of red for me.  It’s worth mentioning that this couldn’t have been done if I wasn’t first comfortable, not just physically but mentally.  Some salons just rush you in and out.  Terry DeMarco’s Barberia treated it as a creative process that should not be rushed.  After all, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

While I know my hair color isn’t traditional or for everybody, what is universal is that we all want to look good and feel good about ourselves.

I am grateful to Terry DeMarco’s Barberia, Courtney and Tess for helping me look the way I truly wanted.  It feels amazing.

Jen’s color correction details:

Jen came in with “hot” roots – they were bright pink. Her ends had absorbed excess pigment; this is common with home color applications.

How we fixed it:

Courtney performed a color wash to remove the excess pigment and bring even color throughout the hair. Then she applied a highly pigmented deep red two times. The result: even, all over color in a vibrant, deep red – definitely reflective of Jen’s vivacious new phase!