As the top color specialists of the Bay Area, we chose a hair color line that could help us achieve results beyond compare.The Italian-based company, Artego, has created hair color that aligns with Barberia standards. Their gentle, low ammonia, non-irritating formula has 25-percent higher pigment than traditional professional hair color and comes in a wide variety of exquisite shades that maintain the integrity of your hair. Our stylists then take the extra step of blending in a customized selection of organic essential oils, based on your specific hair needs. The result is a unique formula designed to give you pure, rich, brilliant color and healthy, shiny hair. Whether you’ve come to us in duress after color gone wrong and require a correction, daydream about fantasy shades like blues and purples or you would love to try a low-maintenance balayage or ombre look, our skilled stylists can address your needs and desires with finesse.

But what is great color without a cut to compliment it? Knowing the true power of a cut designed with you in mind, we utilize the French Method –  a revolutionary technique that is a favorite among Hollywood stars. This method works with your hair, instead of against it, by framing the face. This in turn enhances your features to the fullest. Customizing your look with the French Method encourages wash and wear hair that is ever-so-versatile. You get several different looks in one haircut! If you need to look great in professional settings, outdoor activities, social events or all of the above, our staff ensures your hair fits your Bay Area lifestyle.