Apprenticeship Program FAQ’s

Apprenticeship Program Questions and Answers

Related Training = Weekly classes provided by the Program Sponsor to help the AP pass the State Board Exam.

What is an Apprenticeship Program?
A: An Apprenticeship Program is a formal organized system of on the job training, supplemented by related technical instruction in which the apprentice learns by doing and earns pay while learning. The apprentice completes a 39 hour course of pre-apprentice training and then receives an Apprenticeship License from the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. The Apprenticeship License allows the apprentice to work in a salon, on clients under the supervision of the trainer in order to learn how to be a hairdresser and prepare for the California Sate Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Exam. After completing 3200 hours of on-the-job and related training, the Board will allow the apprentice to take the exam, if passed, the apprentice becomes a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California. The apprenticeship program is different than traditional beauty schools or community college program in many ways including: on-the-job training, advanced training, exposure to clients, and costs (apprenticeship program is significantly less expensive AND apprentices are PAID during on-the-job training in the salon). Read more for details.

How long does it take to complete the AP?
A: The AP is 3200 hours of on-the-job training, plus additional related training and classes. You may complete the AP in as little as 18 months if you have perfect attendance.  The program requires at least 40 hours per week in the salon in addition to related and off-hour training.  There is no part time Apprenticeship Program (AP). Hours and completed required training must be reported to the Sponsor and the State Board.

Does the Apprentice get paid?
A: Yes, your pay is determined by a scale that is established by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and is set at minimum wage. At Barberia Salon, we pay the hourly minimum wage on a weekly basis.

How does the Apprentice Find a Trainer?
A: Barberia is the licensed trainer. Remember, this is not only training, it is a job.  The apprentice starts by doing chores, and then gradually learns more difficult tasks.  A large part of the day (especially during the introductory period) is spent cleaning and maintaining the salon, as well as preparing clients for their services.  To learn will be in large part the responsibility of the apprentice.  The trainer is responsible for making certain the 220 hours of related technical instruction per year are completed.  Being in an atmosphere of energy and creativity will aid in the learning process.  It takes a special kind of person to become a cosmetology apprentice, education will not be forced upon him/her, and it will be there for the taking.  With just these classes the apprentice will not graduate, only if they embrace the knowledge on their own initiative.

Do Apprentices get to work on clients?
A. Yes. Once the apprentice has completed 39 hours of per-apprenticeship training, they will be issued an Apprentice License by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. This will allow the apprentice to perform any and all services on clients on site at Barberia Salon as long as the Trainer is present. The Trainer will decide, through testing, when the apprentice is ready to perform each service on clients after they have completed the necessary training.

How does the Apprentice learn how to perform hair services?

A: Through on-the-job experience and related training, in addition to classes, practice and testing that will be available to the apprentice. This requires that the apprentice have a good amount of self-motivation and ambition to take advantage of the education offered. The apprentice will not get to work on clients or be able to become a licensed cosmetologist if they do not take it upon themselves to learn while on the job and practice on their own time.

Does being an apprentice mean joining a union?
A: Although there are many union/labor relationships in apprenticeship, this particular program is not associated with a union.

How do you receive your related technical training?
A: You must attend one of the training locations to complete the related technical instruction. You will be required to spend at least Four hours per week for a total of 220 hours. The classes are held at GEBBCA in Richmond, CA.

Can you receive credit for related training by attending outside classes?
A: Credit may be received for outside classes providing the classes are approved IN ADVANCE by the program sponsor and the local education agency

Does the apprentice have to pay for anything while training?
A: Barberia does not collect or receive any money from the apprentice. The on-the-job training at Barberia Salon does not cost anything.

Through related training with the Sponsor, All textbook, magazine subscriptions, trade journals, mannequins, kits and tools are the responsibility of the apprentice, as well as any registration fees, dues or other fees incurred by the apprentice from the Board or GEBBCA.

Following is an EXAMPLE (for estimating purposes only):

• Registration: $1375 To GEBBCA plus Fee for Apprenticeship with State Board of Cosmetology

• Mannequins: $35 per head

• Tools: Most tools are provided by Barberia, but personal scissors and non-hair items like facial, manicure, etc. are the responsibility of the apprentice.

Can the apprentice quit if they do not like the program?
A: The apprentice can quit the program at any time. The first 500 hours are the probationary period required by GEBBCA.  During that time, the trainer can discharge the apprentice or they may quit the program without the AP sponsor interceding.  If you want to change jobs or go to another salon.

What happens after the 3200 hours and 220 hours of related training are completed?
A: The apprentice will be eligible to take the California State Board Cosmetology exam. Passing the exam results in a License of Cosmetology.

Why choose Barberia Salon as a trainer?
A: Barberia Salon has a reputable, thorough training program that will give apprentices the opportunity to learn not just basic service procedures, but to have the opportunity gain the knowledge and experience required to be a successful hairdresser who is equipped with the technical skills needed to perform the latest trends and techniques on clients. Most traditional paths to being a hairdresser require attending Cosmetology School, graduating, and then passing the State Board Exam to become a Licensed Cosmetologist and be able to work in a Salon. After then, they can join a salon for a 1-2 year training program that resumes training where Cosmetology School left off . The Apprenticeship Program bypasses cosmetology school, as the student learns on-the-job and with required related training in as little as two years. Apprentices can have the advantage of having more experience, more knowledge, and the start of a clientele over a newly graduated cosmetology student who has to start their salon training program after completing school and passing the state board exam (becoming a licensed cosmetologist).