Barberia Salon Professional Products

In a world saturated with impersonal brands that promote a singular vision, it can be difficult to find products that speak to your hair type and lifestyle. Reflecting on the variety of client concerns and our responsibility as expert stylists, we decided to take action by offering our very own Barberia Salon Professional Product line. We went to work prioritizing what qualities where necessary to create products that are mindful of our environment, utilize natural, plant-based formulas, address all client needs and produce true benefits.

We know you expect only the best from Barberia, so we partnered with a laboratory team that is offered the latest in natural and technological developments in raw elements, so that our formulas consistently contain the best ingredients. You will never have to worry about parabens, phthalates or sulfates in our product line. All of our shampoo & conditioners are salt-free, and we offer many gluten-free options as well. Never tested on animals, each Barberia product is personally tested and approved by our very own hair stylists.

Our product line is treatment-oriented and focused on value. The health of your hair and scalp is always ensured, because Barberia Products are highly concentrated. For example, store brands are made of 70-90% water, whereas Barberia Products are comprised of 25-50% water. This means more active ingredients are introduced to your scalp and hair, effectively treating your tresses to the highest degree. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of Barberia Salon Professional Products.